Weekend In The Mountains

October 13 - 14, 2006

On October 13 - 14 we took Matthew, Laura, and Caitlin to the mountains.  On Friday we went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and visited the Mountain Farm Museum, Newfound Gap, and Clingman's Dome (the highest peak in the Smokies).  We stayed the night in Franklin, NC.  On Saturday, we stuffed ourselves at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA for breakfast and dinner.  Also at the Dillard House, we visited the petting farm/zoo, and road a horse drawn carriage.  We also visited several of the shops in Dillard and went to a craft fair in Franklin.  We got home late on Saturday night, after Caitlin decided that she wanted to be just a tiny bit discontented as we were entering the Clemson area, resulting in a much longer than expected stop for gas.  In retrospect, she was probably just upset to be in Clemson.


Let's Go!  Road trip!!! Mountain Farm Museum
Newfound Gap
Clingman's Dome
Back at the motel in Franklin
Dillard House
Relaxing in town


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