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Camp Barstow Staff Reunion, June 13, 2015


Click HERE to download the Staff Directory.  Password is required to open the file.

If you would like to view or purchase any of the professional photographs taken at the Reunion by Distinctive Images, they are found HERE. (Do note that as of today, June 19, a coulple of the pictures are mis-labeled.  These are being corrected and will be updated.)

Many people have asked to view the history video that shown at the banquet.  It is available HERE.

I would like to add a gallery of several pictures from the event.  If you attended the Reunion and took pictures that I can include in the gallery, please send them to me.  THANKS!

2012 University of Scouting

In January 2012, I instructed a session at the Indian waters Council "University of Scouting" on the topic of Scout History.  Part of that session included local history.  Some asked for a copy of the slideshow used.  A PDF of the complete slide deck can be downloaded HERE

Folks may also be interested in viewing my scanned images from "Chief" Czarnitzki's photo album found HERE and scans of Scouting related newspaper articles from the 1930's and 1940's found HERE.

Summer Camp Brochures

For most summers beginning in the late 1920's and continuing into the 1990's, the Indian Waters Council (formerly Central SC Council, and formerly Columbia Council), created a brochure, flyer, or booklet which was mailed or otherwise distributed to all council Scouts.  Below are two early examples.

In 1928, the Columbia Council held summer camp at Rocky Bottom, in the upstate, an area that today is part of the Jocassee Gorges Management Area.

1930 was the very first summer of operation for the new Camp Barstow at its original location on what is now Fort Jackson.

You can click on the images below to open a PDF file with scans of the full brochures. 

Thanks to John Mellette for loaning the brochures and allowing them to be scanned.




Camp Barstow Staff Reunion, June 5, 2010  

Click HERE to download the Staff Directory.  Password is required to open the file.

Below are thumbnails and, if selected, larger (but not full sized) images of the group photos taken at the event.  If you would like to purchase 8 x 10's of these photos, contact Pro Photo of Lexington at http://www.prophototogo.com

All Staff Alumni and current staff members.

2010 Camp Barstow Staff

Camp Barstow Staff Alumni, Gaston location

Camp Barstow staff & alumni, Lake Murray location

Camp Directors and Program Directors

Muscogee Lodge Chiefs

Here are a few photos from the reunion.  If you have other photos that you would like to share, please contact me at trippclark at gmail.com.

Banquet dinner

Mike Senn and Mike Copeland

Staffers posing with Jere Ratcliffe

Staffers posing with Jere Ratcliffe

Jere Ratcliffe and Joe Christie

Jody Styron, Mike Senn, and Tripp Clark

Tripp Clark receives "Chief Scout Exec, Retired" patch from Jere Ratcliffe

Jere Ratcliffe addresses the group

Tripp Clark and Scout Executive Doug Stone

Brad Hutto and his wife, Tracy Macpherson, "cut the ribbon" for the new COPE high ropes course and Hutto Lodge, senior staff lodge

Program Director George Faller talks about the 2010 program

The photos below were taken and contributed by David Farrell (staff 2000 - 2002)


November 25, 2008 - Newly discovered local Scouting videos!!  
For decades until his death in 1992, Ralph Grier was a fixture of Scouting in central South Carolina. Recently, Jason Shull was fortunate to receive several old films that were a part of Mr. Grier's personal collection and we have had these films digitized. The films were poorly labeled and undated. These appear to be from the 1950's or 60's (perhaps some are earlier). There is no sound. The video is unedited. If anyone has any further info that may help to better date these videos or reveal any additional info, please let me know.

Update - November 26, 2008 - The boxes that 3 of the 4 films were stored in were postmarked with their shipping date.  If we assume that each film was in its correct box, then we can more closely pinpoint the dates.  I have added notes below each video with this date info.


This film was simply labeled "Barstow."  It is obviously from
Camp Barstow during summer camp.

This film was in a box postmarked as August 19, 1963, so it is reasonable to assume that this footage is likely from summer camp 1963.



This film was labeled "Camporee."  I believe that it is from a
Council Camporee.

The box that this film was in was postmarked March 24, 1966.  Assuming that this is a Council Camporee and not a District Camporee, and not knowing for certain if Council Camporees in the 60's were in the spring or fall, then this is most likely from either the 1965 Camporee held in Bamberg or the 1966 Camporee in Saluda.


This film was labeled "Troop 5 Camp."  Troop 5 is the oldest troop in Columbia, SC, having started in July 1912. The year and location of this video is unclear, but I am guessing that it is from the 1950's or 60's and am not ruling out that it may be filmed at Camp Barstow.

This film was in a box that was postmarked February 19, 1964, so this is likely from a troop campout held in 1964 or 1963.



This film was not labeled. It is quite clear to me that it was filmed at summer camp, and almost certainly at Camp Barstow. The year is unknown, but I am guessing that it is from the 1950's or earlier. In fact, we at first thought that this might be "the holy grail" of Scout films for our council, a film called "A Day In Camp" which was produced at Camp Barstow in the early 40's and which Mr. Grier had told me personally that he indeed had a copy. Now seeing the full video, I do not believe that it is "A Day In Camp," but have not ruled out that it may be some of the raw footage that was used to make the final product. Hopefully we will know more in time.


Modern Camp Barstow Promotional Videos

2007 Camp Barstow Promo Video


2008 Camp Barstow Promo Video




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