During many, but not all, summer camp seasons at Camp Barstow, a photograph has been made of all camp staff members. Below are scans of all of the staff group photos that I have available. I am missing many. If you have a full staff group photo from a year that I am missing, please e-mail it to me or notify me using the comment form at the bottom of the page, and I will reach out to you to arrange to get a copy. Likewise, if you can identify names of individuals not noted, please let me know.

2021 – present

Front Row (L-R): Aiden Carter, Ginnie Lacoste, Sophia Spangler, Nichole Cashwell, 5, 6, Alyssa Williams, Hannah Principe, Jericka Jones-Mason, Jason Spangler, Max Robinson, Nathan Kohler
Second Row (L-R): Timmy Hellaby II, Cole Wandrei, Daniel Singletary, Destiny Thompson, Izzy Livingston, Christian Castellanos, Tawaii Funchess, Willie Townes, Mitch Sailer, Finn Kvam, Ella Cashwell, William McCrackin, 13, Mary Denny, CJ Kittle
Third Row (L-R): Logan Eidell, Dennis Ely Jr., Kyle Corey, 4, Matt Delk, Sarah Beals, Henry Hall, Gene McKay-Kritt, Steven Gerber, 10, Madelyn Ridley, Nick Sailer, Aiden Dong, 14, Preston Kunkle
Back Row (L-R): Jay Simon, William Webb, Joshua Prevette, Benjamin Prevette, Andrew Furtick, Adam Elsahli, Giovanni Sambenedetto, Casey Joseph, Michael Danley, Allen Shea, Michael O’Neal, 12, Jacob Eli, Jonathan Caruso, Spencer Garrett, Austin China

Front Row (L-R): coming soon
Middle Row (L-R): coming soon
Back Row (L-R): coming soon

2010 – 2019


2000 – 2009

Front Row (L-R): Stanley Haines, Jonathan Hardin, Jimmy “Newt” Grant, Jonathan Haines, Faye McConnell, Velda Howard, Justin Desrochers, Richard Wich, Al Green, Jamie Spitzer
Second Row (L-R): Jason Armistead, Scott Cann, Chris Browy, Geoffrey Hardin, Sean Armistead, Jeremy Harkness, [Unknown First Name] Eargle, Mason Thomas, Unknown, Alex Richard, Ben Keith, Unknown, John Sifford IV
Back Row (L-R): Joey Powell (Camp Director), Hunter Eisele, Lauren Brown, William McCormick, Aaron Howard, Wyatt Hammond, Unknown, Sean Celia Potter, Mike Utsey, Unknown, Unknown, Tommy Baker, Lucius Gray (Camp Ranger), Francis Herndon (Camp Commissioner), Russell Cann (Program Director)

Front Row (L-R): ????, Laura Walters, Carol Elliott, Megan Workman, ????
Second Row (L – R): Brandon Hicks, P.J. Parks, David Barron, Tombo Styron, ????, ????,????, Jimmy Ehny
Third Row (L-R): Stanley Haines, Richie Watson, ????, Matt Catoe, David Farrell, Peter Spadetti, Thad Mobley, Aaron Howard, ????, Emory Markwood
Back Row (L-R): Hunter Eisele, Matt Trask, Paul Gremillion , John Sifford, John Woodington, Greg McDaniel (?), Greg Smith, Fred Descy, ????, Hunter Maas , ????, John Sifford, ????
Front Row (L-R): Aaron Howard, ????,????, Drew Shock, Anthony Allen, Brent Price , Tom Baker, Carol Elliott, ????, Craig Ruff
Middle Row (L-R): Barron Sims, Jonathon Hardin, Greg McDaniel, Christopher Hardin, Laura Walters, ????, Greg Smith, Chris Cannon, John Woodington,????, ????, ????
Back Row (L-R): Christine McNeill, Scott Landry, Hunter Eisele, Fred Descy, ????, Wesley Nix, Tommy Donaldson, David Farrell

Front Row (L-R): Cara Brown, Nate Bloom, Jay Tucker, Thad Mobley, ???, ???, Emory Markwood, Jonathan Hardin
Second Row (L-R): Aaron Howard, ???, Jesse Waters, ???, ???, ???, ???, Daniel Geotzka, Hunter Eisele, Jesse Black(?), Jeremy Copeland, ???
Middle Row (L-R): ???, ???, ???, Scott Landry, ???, Roger Davis, William Rutland, ???, Keith Barron, ???, ???, ???, Patrick McNeil
Fourth Row (L-R): Tony Hollingsworth (?), John Woodington, Greg Smith, ???, Eric Brinkley(?), Ricky Fleming, Fred Descy, Bill Amicker, Jim Powers, Rosalind (Ross)
Back Row (L-R): ???, Robert Shull, Matt Baskins, Christine McNeill, Vance Lackey

1990 – 1999

Front Row (L-R): Jonathon Hardin, ????, Nate Bloom, ????, ????, ????, ????, Erich Albert, Scott Landry, ????
Middle Row (L-R): Claude Brown, Jason Starling, ????, Emory Markwood, Cara Brown, ????, Christine McNeill, Ashley Amaker, Greg Smith, John Woodington, Amanda Starling, ????, Bill Amaker
Back (L-R): Patrick Erwin, Mendell Hoffman, ????, ????, Jesse Waters, ????, Vance Lackey, Fred Descy, ????, ????, ????, ????, Wesley Nix, Eric Brinkley, ????, ????
Front Row (L-R): ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, Zebulon Young, ? Rabon, ????, ????
Middle Row (L-R): ????, ????, Emory Markwood, Steven Galloway, Carol Elliott, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, Ashley Amaker, James Worley, Billy Amaker, ????
Back Row (L-R): Adam McDowell(?), Greg Smith, John Woodington, Matthew Baskins, ????, ????, ????, Brian Evans, ????, Johnny Hull, ????, ????, Fred Descy, ????, ????, Bill Amaker, Christine McNeill, Vance Lackey
Front Row (L-R): Greg McDaniel, J.P. Ammer, Ben Worley, Sue Eleazor, Jason Spangler, Kelly Stickney , Archie Maddox, Carol Elliott, ????, Davis Durham, Bear Barnes
Second Row (L-R): ????, ????, Scott Landry, Chris VanDijk, Johnny Hull, Daniel Follett, Steven Galloway , ????, Charlie Harriman (?) , ????, Emory Markwood
Third Row (L-R): John Woodington , ????, Burke Adams, Paul Woodington, Brian Evans, Mark Bissett, Carl Horn , ????, ????, Steven Howard, ????
Back Row (L-R): (?) Greer, ????, Greg Smith, Johnnie Brown, Adam Lamkin,  (?) Nuelken, Frank Murphy, Richard Barnes, Thomas Dorn, ????, Frank Yandel
Front Row (L-R): J.P. Ammer, Steven Ammer, Sam Long, ????, Sean Kilcoyne, Zebulon Young, ????, Carol Elliott, Archie Maddox, Scott Ellison, Emory Markwood, Greg McDaniel, ????, Chris Van Dijk, ????, ????, Frank Yandel, Jimmy Ehny
Back Row (L-R): John Woodington, Trey Helms, Bear Barnes, Robert Shull, Davis Durham, Michael McIntosh, Frank Murphy, Robert Folsom, Brian Evans, ????, Wayne Wesberry, Ace Acevedo, Paul Woodington, Adam Nuelkin, Mark Bissett, ????, Ed Leech, ????, Ryan Barnette
Front Row (L – R): ????, Jamie McIntosh, Sean Kilcoyne, Samuel Butler Long, Trey Helms, Greg McDaniel, Steve Wilburn
Middle Row (L – R): Mark Bisset, Friar Humphries, Davis Durham, Arthur Vaughn, Frank Yandel, Emory Markwood, Salem Peny, Johnnie Brown, Chris VanDijk, Adam Schimsa, Scott Pennington, Tommy Donaldson
Back Row (L – R): Paul Holcombe, Steven Ammer, Tigue Garick, Brian Evans, Bryce Plexico, Frank Murphy, Michael McIntosh, Matt Kesler, Todd Cantrell, Paul Woodington, Ryan Barnette, Cameron Brooks, Joe Eberlin
Front Row (L – R): Robin Stephens, ????, Bobby Canfield, Ike (?), Patrick Hall, Michael Munson, Dexter Loeble
Second Row (L – R): Davis Durham, Kevin Erickson, Brian McCoy, Steven Hafner, Jim Chapman, Guadalupe Soto (?), Dave Dalton, Justin Ferrick, Andrew Hall
Third Row (L – R): Henry Hall, Ben Gregory, Jim VanDyke, Arthur Vaughn, ????, Scott Ellison, John Cupstid, ????, Tripp Clark, Tommy Howard
Back Row (L – R): Scott Lyons, Alexis Casanova, Jeff Cook, Creg Bradley, ????, Regie Bedenbaugh, Ricky Stocklin, Chris Stock

1980 – 1989

Front Row (L-R): George Faller, Sgt. Kos, Jim Purvis, Tripp Clark, Robert Barron, Jody Styron, Tommy Feagin
Second Row (L-R): Boyd Gilpin, ????, Kevin Bannister, Sid Wolf, Chris Taylor, Steve Daniel, Rusty Watts, ????, John Youmans
Third Row (L-R): Keith Legare, Jason Ferguson, Chuck Youngblood, Johnny Timmerman, Joel Collins, Cardin McLeod, Chris Ward
Fourth Row (L-R): Joe Agostini, Ronny Watts, Andy Stevens, Scott Hunter, Kirk Clapp, ????, Mark Jones, Scott Brazell
Back Row (L-R): David Patty, Janice Patty, Gary Holmes, Eric Tidwell, Scott Pennington, Barry Hale, Bud Shuler
Front Row (L – R): Joel Collins, Eddie (?), ????, Gary Holmes, Mark Brooker, ????, Ray Craig, Scott Brazell, ????, ????
Middle Row (L – R): Janice Patty, Archie Maddox, ????, ????, Clayton Kitchens, ????, Chris Neeley, ????, ????, Robert Barron, ????, ????, Tripp Clark, Joe Agostini, Mike Senn
Back Row (L – R): Jody Styron, ????, ????, Chuck Youngblood, Tommy Feagin, Sid Wolf, Rick Roberts, ????, Mark Osment, Chris Taylor, ????, Ollie Quickmire, Lee Craig, ????, William Roberts, Steve Daniel
Front Row (L – R): Tripp clark, Joe Agostini, ????, Will Sharpe, ????, Sid Wolfe, Jim Purvis, Lee Haynes, Patrick Dugaw, Chris McElroy
Second Row (L – R): ????, ????, ????, Brian Albrecht, Mike Senn, Chris Spradley, William Roberts, Bud Shuler, Shawn Young, Eddie Wright, Mark Brooker, Charlie Tucker
Third Row (L – R): Luke Mabry, Johnny Timmerman, Billy Reinhardt, ????, Steve Daniel, Jody Styron, Stacy Fields, Ollie Quickmire, Mark Osment, Bob Newberry, Charlie Fitzsimons
Back Row (L – R): Gerry Stewart, Rick Mace, Rick Roberts
Front Row (L-R): Luke Mabry, Larry Lane(?), Bud Shuler, Tripp Clark, ??, Lee Haynes, Keith McCook, Sid Wolf
Second Row (L-R): Chuck Shissias, ??, Brian Albrecht, Ollie Quickmire, ??, ??, Eddie Wright, Bruce Mullins, Andrew Gorgey, Janice Patty
Third Row (L-R): David Haskell, Doug Guthrie, ??, William Roberts, Charlie Fitzsimons, Jody Styron, ??, Raymond Derinzo (?), Stacy Fields (?), David Patty
Back Row (L-R): Chuck Smigelski, Joey Bouknight, Paul Kirby, Rick Roberts, Gerry Stewart, Johnny Timmerman, Rick Mace, Bob Newberry, Mike Bernhard
Front Row (L-R): ??, Robert Ferrier, Lee Haynes, Bruce Mullins, Sid Wolf, Robert Painter (?)
Middle Row (L-R): Linwood Wiggins, Johnny (?), Cindy Cauley, Joe Maxberry, Rocky Archer, Joe Agostini, ??, Luke Mabry, Bobby McGuirt, Andrew Gorgey, William Roberts, Mike Bernhard
Back Row (L-R): William O’Tuel, Rick Mace, Vincent Harman, Costa Lempesis, Rick Roberts, ??, Tony Kennedy, ??, Jody Clark, Charlie Fitzsimons, Cecil Berry – ranger
Front Row (L – R): Bob Newberry, Arthur Yeh, Andrew Gorgey, Joe Maxberry, Kevin Ryan, Bobby McGuirt, Joe Agostini, Mike Bernhard
Middle Row (L – R): Charlie Fitzsimons, Ollie Quickmire, Paul Kirby, Emory Markwood, William O’Tuel, Pat O’Gorman, Mike Copeland, Jody Styron, ????, Sue Pooley (Eleazor)
Back Row (L – R): Rick Mace, George Faller, Russell Patterson, Vincent Harman(?), Rick Roberts, Jason Wright, Gerry Stewart, ??? Reinhardt(?), Costa Lempesis (?)

1970 – 1979

Front Row (L-R): Devadas Lynton, Johnny Mellette, ????, Andrew Gorgey, Charlie Brown, William O’Tuel, Mike Copeland
Back Row (L-R): Bill Tyson, Rick Mace, Lex Price, Lewis Hoover, Al Gilpin, Gerry Stewart, Rick Roberts, Cecil Berry
Back Row (L – R): Penn Bernhardt, David Gray, Mike Copeland, Dick Cease, Al Gilpin, Bill Colley, Steve Wenzell
Front Row (L – R): Devadas Lynton, Steve Turner, Johnny Mellette, Jay Epting, Charlie FitzSimons, Bryant O’Tuel, Lewis Hoover, Steve McColl
Front Row (L – R): Chuck Bowen, Bill Stanbury, ????, ????, ????, ????, David Gray, ????
Second Row (L – R): ????, ????, Mike Copeland
Third Row (L – R): ????, ????, Rob Scherini, ????
Fourth Row (L – R): none identified
Fifth Row (L – R): Eric Carr, Jay Wiliams, Charlie Fitzsimons, ????
Back Row (L – R): Al Gilpin, Devadas Lynton, Wallace Crosby, ????
Back Row: Chuck Bowen, Rob Scherini, Bill Sanbury, Tom Shealy, Michael Green, Johnny Mellette, Al Gilpin, Charlie Fitzsimons, Eric Carr, Wallace Crosby, David Gray
Front Row (L – R) ???, Jay Williams, ????, Drew Blanton, Randy Desrochers, Bruce Howell, Danny Duvall, Tommy Maddox
Front Row (L-R): John Medaris, Eric Carr, Tommy Maddox, Johnny Mellette, Randy Desrochers, Chuck Harris, George Latta, Jay Williams, Danny Duval
Middle Row (L-R): Mike Collins, Bill Coleman, Bruce Howell, Drew Blanton, Wallace Crosby, Will Bowen, Al Gilpin, Reggie Snell, Brad Hutto
Back Row (L-R): Roger Truax, Chuck Bowen, Albert Welch (camp ranger)
1972 Camp Staff
Front Row, (L – R): Tim Jones (Bamberg), Wynn Steadman (Bamberg), Robbie Wiggs, Harry Lancaster (Troop 324, Columbia), Mike Hodges, Jimmy Kiene, Joe Christie (Barnwell), Mike Tongour (Barnwell) (kneeling)
Middle Row, (L – R): Frank Herndon (Troop 10, Columbia), William Craven (???), Al Gilpin (Columbia), John Coleman (Ridgeway), Yon Suber (Troop 8, Columbia), Tim Cauthen
Back Row (L – R): Roger Truax, Bob Parnell (Camp Director), Jesse Osterhoudt (Orangeburg), Alan Gravely, Bill Coleman (Ridgeway), ???
Back Row (L – R): Joe Turner, Rodger Truax, Verne Steimer, Jese Osterhoudt, Bill Coleman, Jimmy Woodard, “Furd” Hammack, Doak Fairey, Bob Parnell
Middle Row (L – R): Rick McCaskill, Frank Herndon, Chuck Bowen, Mike Tongour, Mike Hodges, Joe Rogers
Front Row (L – R): Don Carter, John Coleman, Tim Lamont, Bill Craven, Alan Gravely, West Goewey
Front Row (L – R): Ed Craig, Joe Turner, Joe Rogers (?)
Middle Row (L – R): ???, ????, John Coleman, ????, ????, ????
Back Row (L – R): ???, Bill Coleman, ????, Ted Grandy, ????, ????, ????
Up on Ladder: ????, ????

1960 – 1969

Front, center: Joe Turner
Second Row (L – R): Rodney Turner, Richard Chalk, Bruce Duke, Charlie Oliver, Dan Jepson
Third Row (L – R): Jim Teeter, Kevin Elmore,, Nick Taylor, Marvin Bishop, Rodger Tuax
Fourth Row (L – R): ????, Robert Woods, Ed Craig
Back Row (L – R): Terry Foster, Doug West, Billy Hubbs, Ted Grandy, Jim Wooten (Woodward?)
Front Row (L – R): none identified
Back Row (L – R): ????, Bill Chandler, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, Davis Durham

1950 – 1959

Back Row, center: Cooper Black
Front Row (R-L): ????, ????, ????, ????, George Barnes
Back Row (L-R): ????, ????, Walt Hudson, Carl Knott, Fred Wimberly, Bury Hudson, Joe Hurteau, ????

1940 – 1949

Front Row (L – R): ????, ????, Carl Derrick, ????, ????
Second Row (L – R): ????, ????, Marion Trotti, ????, ????
Third Row (L – R): none identified
Back Row (L – R): ????, William E. Czarnitzki, ????

1930 – 1938

Front Row (L – R): ????, Dan Tilden, Bill Awtrey, ????, ????, ????
Back Row (L – R): ????, ????, Carl Derrick, Pete Todd, Marion Trotti, ????, ????
Front Row (L – R): George Williams, Billy Bryan, D.E. Foster, Sam Spencer, Dan Tiden, Sewell C. Hawkins
Back Row (L – R): William E. Czarnitzki, Pete Todd, Bill Awtrey, Kit Fitzsimons, Johnnie Tilden, Arthur Williams, ????
Front Row (L – R): James Hare, Woodrow Dunn, Vernon Walker, William E. Czarnitzki, Leon Keaton, Basil Petit, C. Wallace Martin
Back Row (L – R): J. Ellis Craps, D.E. Foster, ????, Robert Brown, Legare Inglesby, Dan Tilden, Lamar Wardlaw
Front Row (L – R): ????, Edwin Leroy Shull, Robert Brown, Weyman Dickerson
Middle Row (L – R): J. Ellis Crapps, Woodrow Dunn, V.R. Eleazer, C. Wallace Martin
Back Row (L – R): Leon “Buster” Keaton, William E. Czarnitzki, Legare “Greasy” Inglesby

Front Row (L – R): William E. Czarntitzki, ????, Woodrow Dunn, ????
Back Row (L – R): ????, ????, ????, ????, Edwin Leroy Shull, ????, ????, ????

10 thoughts on “Camp Barstow Staff Group Photos”

  1. In 1969 picture I believe Billy Hubbs is between Doug West and Ted Grandy on back row and I think Mr Marvin Bishop is between Nick Taylor and Rodger Truax on 3rd row. He was the oldest staff member who was a plumber/carpenter as I recall.

    BTW, Bruce Duke died 1/13/2013.

    -Really appreciate all the work you and others have done is collecting this information.

  2. I (David E. Davis) was not in the picture but on staff in 1983 except for the weeks I was away at the World Scout Jamboree in Alberta, Canada.

  3. 1998 Camp Staff Photo
    Back Row 2nd from left Greg Smith, 3rd from left John Woodington 4 from left Matthew Baskins, 8 from left Brian Evans, 10 from left Johnny Hull, 3 from right Bill Amaker, 6 from right Fred Descy

    Middle Row between Emory Markwood and Carol Elliot is Steven Galloway (jr) 2nd from right Billy Amaker (jr) 3rd from right is James Worley, 4th from right is Ashley Amaker

    Front Row kneeling 3rd from right is ??? Rabon, 4th from right is Zebulon Young.

    1998 I believe was the first year without Mr Dave Durham in a long time.

    I noticed that you are missing 2000 staff picture. I might have a copy I can send you.

  4. Hey I was able to find the camp staff photo for 2000. I also found 3 out of 4 pages of a camp staff roster. I also have a group photo of the 1997 Indian Waters Council Delegation to the National Jamboree if you are interested in that. If you’ll email me I will reply back with those items.

      1. 2000 Staff Picture
        I agree with your labels so far and I will assist you further as best I can. Just realized its been 20..(almost 21 years)
        Front Row:
        Far left is Cara Brown
        2nd Row:
        3rd from left is Jesse Waters, 8th from left is Daniel Geotzka, 3rd from right is Jesse Black(maybe??) 2nd from right is Jeremy Copeland
        3rd Row:
        7th from left is William Rutland, far right is Patrick McNeil
        4th Row:
        Far Left is Tony Hollingsworth (possibly??), 5th from left is Eric Brinkley(??) Far Right is Rosalind (Ross) she was an exchange scout from England (York I believe)

        I think that is the best I can do.

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