Save the date! The next auction in this series will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, February 25, 2024 on the USC-Sumter campus, Sumter, SC and will be held in conjunction with the annual Indian Waters Council volunteer recognition reception. As the date draws nearer, return back here for updates, including a list and pictures of all items to be auctioned.

4/16/2023 –

Update! The first Indian Waters Council Endowment Auction exceeded expectations. We had 38 bidders participating and the combined priced realized from all items was $8,957. One bidder generously contributed an extra $43 to bring the total to a nice, round $9,000. These funds will go to the Indian Waters Council Endowment, where the principle will remain untouched and the earnings from the investment will benefit Scouting and the Indian Waters Council’s camps — Camp Barstow and Camp Coker — into perpetuity. Thanks to all who participated, and special thanks to Dan and Carolyn Wagner, Stan Haines, and Melinda Clark for helping to manage the auction. Their help was invaluable! Listed below are the prices realized for every item in the auction. We will hold at least one additional auction with similar quality items. The 38 bidders from today’s auction will be notified of our next auction. If anyone else wishes to be notified, use the contact form below to send me your contact information.

4/6/2023 –

Update! Momentum continues for the Endowment Auction. Here is the expected schedule.
3:00 – Silent Auction opens
3:30 – Reception begins
3:50 – Auction ends, no more bids accepted
4:00 – IWC Awards Program begins
Immediately following the the awards program, winning bidders may pay for and pick up their winnings.
All bidders must have a bidder number. You can register to get a bidder number on-site, or if you prefer, you can use the form at the bottom of this webpage to submit a comment requesting a bidder number, and I will register you and email you a bidder number.

** Note that winning bidders may pay for items won by cash, check, or card (cash or check preferred for quicker checkout).

In 2021, I was entrusted with two very nice, and mostly local, Scout memorabilia collections. Joe Turner (Muscogee Lodge Chief 1965-1966, Vigil 1965, Camp Barstow Program Director 1968 – 1971) presented me his collection, and Bryant O’Tuel (Muscogee Vice Chief in the early 1980’s, Vigil 1982, Camp Barstow Staff member) brought me the collection that he and his brother William O’Tuel (Muscogee Lodge Chief 1980 & 1981, Vigil 1980, National Vice Chief 1982-83, Camp Barstow and Camp Coker staff member) put together during their tenure. Both collections contain some very rare items that are seldom seen and much sought after as well as more common items that you might expect. After discussing with Joe and Bryant, we will be auctioning off both collections, with all funds raised going to the Indian Waters Council’s Endowment Fund to be used in support of our camp properties (Camp Barstow and Camp Coker). It is very generous of Joe and Bryant to support our camps in this way. A large and healthy endowment, where the principal is protected and invested, and the earnings support the Scouting program and our properties for generations to come is one of the best ways to ensure our camps and programs continue to be healthy well into the future. Because of the large number of items in these collections, I will not be auctioning everything at once. The first items will be auctioned at the upcoming Council Recognition Reception on April 16 at American Legion Post 15, “Legion Home” Building, 28 South Artillery Drive, Sumter, SC. The link for more information and to register for the event is at https://scoutingevent.com/553-awards23.

Below is a list of the items that we plan to have available at this first auction, along with the minimum bid planned and expected bidding increment. Items are subject to change.

If you are unable to attend but wish to bid on an item, please use the contact form below to to let me know of your interest, and I will respond with instructions.

Item #DescriptionMin BidIncrementPrice Realized
T01221-S2, Spread W horizontal stitch$25$1$75
T02221-S5, Brotherhood (1971)$15$1$20
T03221-S3, dark trees, light grass$12$1$15
T04221-S6, 1978 Ordeal$12$1$15
T0587-S1, Bob White$10$1$12
T0687-R1a, Bob White$75$5$100
T071953 Area 6-C Fellowship$50$5$175
T081964 Skyuka Lodge Meeting$50$5$30
T09Camp Brownlee, 1970$20$1$99
T10Central SC Cold Spot$5$1$10
T111971 Central SC Camporee, Orangeburg$5$1$5
T121958 Central SC Camporee$10$1$10
T131967 Wagon Train Trek$5$1$50
T14Central SC Okefenokee Swamp$3$1$30
T151967 Central SC Camporee, Swamp Fox$5$1$10
T161972 Central SC Camporee, Barnwell$3$1$4
T17Muscogee N/C slide, black border$30$5$135
T18Camp Barstow 1948 - 52 (green tent), used$20$1$30
T19Camp Barstow cut-edge F-dock, 1953- 57$15$1$18
T20Camp Barstow F-dock, medium twill, 1962 - 65$5$1$8
T21Camp Barstow white F-dock, 1968-69$5$1$9
T22Camp Barstow 50th F-dock, 1970-71$5$1$8
T23Camp Barstow Bicentennial 1976$5$1$10
T24Camp Barstow ten-mile rivers, 1966-67$5$1$8
T25Camp Barstow F-dock with segments$10$1$30
T26Central SC T-1 pie, 1968-75$15$1$20
T271971 Area 6-C Fellowship$15$1$15
T28Eagle Scout badge, Type 3, 1956-72$5$1$5
T29Camp Coker$5$1$5
T30Camp Barstow Staff map neckerchief$10$1$100
T311973 National Jamboree neckerchief$5$1$5
T32Muscogee neckerchief, pie shape 1968$40$5$75
T331967 Area 6-C Fellowship$20$1$25
O01Camp Barstow belt buckle, Indian, late 70's$10$1$70
O02Muscogee Japanese Neckerchief, brown fox$200$10$2,700
O031980 Dixie Fellowship neckerchief$15$1$20
O04Camp Barstow neckerchief, 1976$10$1$20
O05Muscogee neckerchief, 1987$15$1$20
O06Muscogee neckerchief, 1981 white$25$1$40
O07Muscogee neckerchief, 1981 blue-tint$25$1$25
O081975 Dixie neckerchief$15$1$20
O091978 Dixie neckerchief & patch$20$1$25
O101981 National Jamboree neckerchief$5$1$5
O11221-F6, Skinny Fox Vigil$750$10$3,000
O12221-S7, Ordeal 1981 (brown border)$8$1$11
O13221-S8b, Brotherhood$8$1$11
O14221-S9, Vigil$12$1$41
O15221-S10, "Super Brotherhood"$20$1$55
O16221-F3, 1977 National Jamboree issue$15$1$100
O17221-S12b, Ordeal Swamp Fox$8$1$35
O18221-S13b, Brotherhood Swamp Fox$8$1$35
O19221-S14b, Vigil Swamp Fox$10$1$75
O20221-F7, 40th anniversary$30$1$38
O21116-S5a, Santee flap$40$5$65
O22Ittawamba 235 flap, S-13$50$1$150
O23134-S10, Tsali flap$5$1$5
O24236-S11b, Unali'Yi flap$3$1$5
O25Eswau Huppeday flap$10$1$16
O261954 Area 6-C Fellowship$40$5$60
O271958 Area 6-C Fellowship$40$5$50
O281960 Area 6-C Fellowship$40$5$125
O291967 Area 6-C Fellowship$30$5$30
O301972 Area 6-C Fellowship$30$5$30
O31Muscogee N/C slide, brown border$30$5$110
O321980 Dixie Fellowship patch$20$1$25
O331981 Dixie Fellowship patch$15$1$15
O341982 Dixie Fellowship patch$15$1$15
O351983 Dixie Fellowship patch$15$1$16
O361985 Dixie Fellowship patch$10$1$16
O371985 Dixie Fellowship patch, staff$15$1$120
O381974 Fellowship, Muscogee$40$5$60
O391978 Fall Fellowship, Muscogee$15$1$25
O401983 Fall Fellowship, Muscogee$20$1$30
O411984 Spring Fellowship, Muscogee$20$1$30
O421984 Summer Fellowship, Muscogee$20$1$56
O431985 Fall Fellowship, Muscogee$20$1$30
O44Camp Barstow 1959$20$1$30
O451956 Central SC Camporee (used)$3$1$12
O461962 Central SC Camporee$7$1$14
O471965 Central SC Camporee$6$1$12
O481973 Central SC Camporee$5$1$5
O491974 Central SC Camporee$5$1$10
O501975 Central SC Camporee$5$1$5
O511976 Central SC Camporee$5$1$5
O521979 Santee Spring Fellowship$15$1$15
O531980 Santee Summer Fellowship$15$1$21
O541981 Santee Summer Fellowship$8$1$12
O551982 Santee Spring Fellowship$10$1$13
O561988 Santee Spring Fellowship$5$1$10
O57Camp Coker patch with 1977 segment$10$1$10
O58Camp Coker 1982$5$1$8
O59Camp Coker 1986 patch & pin$5$1$19
O601980 National Indian Seminar$3$1$15
O611981 NOAC$3$1$0
O62Muscogeelodge.org caribiner$2$1$6
O63Piedmont Council 2013 Jamboree set, silver mylar border$20$1$25
O64Pee Dee Area Council 2013 Jamboree set, navy blue border$20$1$40
O65IWC SA-5 O'Tuel Trailing Lodge shoulder patch, 1987$5$1$15
O66Central SC S-2 "Council" (600 made)$10$1$20
O67Central SC S-3 "BSA"$5$1$10
O68Coastal Carolina T-4a$3$1$4
O69Coastal Empire S-4b$3$1$4
O70Pee Dee Area T-5b$2$1$5
O71Daniel Boone T-4a$2$1$6
O72Georgia Carolina S-3a$2$1$4
O73Chattahoochee T-3$2$1$2
O74Old Hickory T-8a$2$1$0
O75Tuckabatchee Area S-3a$2$1$0
O76Uwharrie T-3b$3$1$4