The Nationwide BSA Event Calendar is a one-stop location where Scouts and Scouters can search for training courses and other Scouting events being shared by councils. For councils, this provides an easy, no-cost opportunity to share their events with Scouts and Scouters in neighboring councils. For Scouts and Scouters, it provides a simple way to search out available opportunities. The Nationwide BSA Event Calendar can be found at You can also use this convenient QR Code:

The Nationwide BSA Event Calendar tool is a service provided by Black Pug Software working in partnership with a team of Scout volunteers and with oversight by BSA professionals. There is no cost to councils for sharing events using this tool and no added cost to Scouts and Scouters who use it.

Want to learn more?

We have created a short 9-minute video that explains how to use the Nationwide BSA Event Calendar tool and how councils can get started sharing events. You can view that video at

A second video, also 9-minutes, that takes a deeper dive into the background and path taken in creating this new tool is available HERE.

Other Resources

A full color trifold brochure (for duplex printing on letter-size paper) is available for download HERE.

A sample communication that council leadership can use to notify Scouters in their council about the Nationwide BSA Event Calendar tool is found HERE.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Please use the comment form below to submit any questions, comments or suggestions. Please include your council name and location and NST (“territory”), if known, in your comment.

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