Below is a list of the known Camp Directors and Program Directors at Camp Barstow. Please comment below if you have missing information

YearCamp DirectorProgram Director
1930William E. CzarnitzkiNone
1931 William E. Czarnitzki None
1932 William E. Czarnitzki None
1933 William E. Czarnitzki None
1934 William E. Czarnitzki None
1935 William E. Czarnitzki None
1936 William E. Czarnitzki Sewell C. Hawkins
1937 William E. Czarnitzki None
1938James R. Gibson None
1939Camp not held; cancelled because of polio None
1940 James R. Gibson None
1941 Sewell C. Hawkins None
1942 Sewell C. Hawkins None
1943 Roscoe E. Stevens J.C. “Pop” Thomason (Asst. Camp Director)
1944 JC “Pop” Thomason None
1945 William B. Chandler None
1946 William B. Chandler R.K. Timmons, Jr.
1947 F.P. Shuler unknown
1948 William H. Donly unknown
1949E. Barry WardR. John Holland
1950E. Barry WardR. John Holland
1951R. John Hollandunknown
1952Carl Knottunknown
1953Carlton Slighunknown
1954 Carl D. Hunter or Wallace L. Harrison *unknown
1955A. Buford Hillunknown
1956 Leroy Hight unknown
1957 A. Buford Hill unknown
1958 A. Buford Hill or Leroy Hight * unknown
1959 A. Buford Hill unknown
1960 William “Kit” Easterling unknown
1961 Don Whetstone unknown
1962 Jack McKay unknown
1963 Jere Ratcliffe unknown
1964 Jere Ratcliffe Bill Rogers
1965 Richard E. Huggins Bill Rogers
1966 Jere Ratcliffe Bill Rogers
1967 Jere Ratcliffe Rodney Gunter
1968 Jere Ratcliffe & Fred Snell Joe Turner
1969 Jim Teeter Joe Turner
1970 Bill Presnell ‡ Joe Turner
1971 Bob Parnell Joe Turner
1972 Bob Parnell Ed Craig
1973 Guilford Gulley John Coleman
1974 Ed Pender Chuck Bowen
1975 John Medearis Chuck Bowen
1976 David Gray Chuck Bowen
1977 David Gray Chuck Bowen
1978 David Gray Ron Mangum & Devadas Lynton
1979 Bill Tyson Devadas Lynton
1980 Mike Bernhard Bob Newberry
1981 Mike Bernhard Bob Newberry
1982 Mike Bernhard Bob Newberry
1983 Bob Newberry Charlie FitzSimmons
1984 Steve Daniel William Roberts & Rick Mace
1985 Steve Daniel Chris Taylor
1986 Steve Daniel Jody Styron
1987 Carey Miller Paul Mitchell
1988 Curtis Pruitt & Rob Scherini George Faller
1989 Rotation of District Executives including
Tommy Howard & Curtis Pruitt (Allan Lane, Administrator)
George Faller
1990 Rob Scherini & Tripp Clark Jody Styron
1991 Tripp Clark Henry Hall
1992 Tripp Clark Henry Hall
1993 Steve Wilburn Scott Pennington
1994 Steve Wilburn Scott Pennington
1995 Steve Wilburn Scott Pennington
1996 Archie Maddox Scott Ellison
1997 Archie Maddox Jason Spangler
1998 Vance Lackey Carol Elliott
1999 Vance Lackey Matt Love ??
2000 Vance Lackey Christine McNeill
2001 Phil Hatcher Christine McNeill
2002 Matt Trask Greg McDaniel
2003 No summer camp held
2004 No summer camp held
2005 Joey Powell Russell Cann
2006 Joey Powell Jonathan Hardin
2007 Francis Herndon George Faller
2008 Tom McGrath  George Faller
2009 Larry Parrish  George Faller
2010 Larry Parrish  George Faller
2011Larry ParrishGeorge Faller
2012Greg McDaniel John Tjaarda
2013Greg McDanielJohn Tjaarda
2014 John Tjaarda Justin Desrochers
2015Alan DeMent Justin Desrochers
2016DeWayne Corbitt Michael Grimsley & Henry Hall
2017Henry HallDennis Ely, Jr.
2018Jason Spangler Chris McDuffie
2019Jason Spangler Chris McDuffie
2020Jason Spangler (No summer camp held.)Chris McDuffie
2021Jason SpanglerChris McDuffie
2022Jason SpanglerAmber Fisher
2023Jason SpanglerMax Robinson

*There is conflicting information for these years. It is possible that responsibility was split.

‡ – The 1970 printed camp brochure lists the Camp Director as Mack Lassiter, however 1970 Program Director Joe Turner confirms that Bill Presnell was actually Camp Director, not Mack Lassiter. Presumably this was a change that was made after the brochure was produced but before camp started (confirmed 8/10/2020).

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